Universal Credit

Limited Capability for Work Element

This is paid if you are accepted as being too ill to work. There are 2 levels - one if you can show the DWP that you have limited capability for work (LCW) and a higher level if you can show you have limited capability for work-related activity (LCWRA). Please click here to see our section on what these different levels mean

  • If you are claiming as a couple and you and your partner are both sick or disabled, you will only get one payment of this element.
  • If you claim as a single person you won’t get this element AND the carer element together – the DWP will pay you whichever amount is higher.
  • You can get both Limited Capability for Work element AND carers element if you are claiming as a couple and one of you is a carer and one of you is sick or disabled.
  • If you are already getting ESA you should get advice as you may be better off staying on that benefit than claiming Universal Credit. You can still get the LCWRA element no matter when you became too ill to work.

Work Capability Elements

Amount per month

Limited capability for work


Limited capability for work and work-related activity


Unless you are terminally ill you will not be paid either of these elements until the DWP has decided that you have Limited capability for work and Limited capability for work related activity. During this period you may be required to undertake work related activity. This will be decided by your Work Coach and should be activity you can reasonably be expected to do.

Date modified: February 07 2022 | Date created: March 05 2020

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