Attendance Allowance (AA)

How do I claim for AA?

Do not delay

You should not delay claiming as the earliest you can be paid from is the date you make the first contact.

Start your claim:

  • by BSL video relay service link
  • by Textphone on 0800 731 0317. In Northern Ireland 0800 012 1574
  • by Phone on 0800 731 0122. In Northern Ireland 0800 587 0912. You can request a form in an accessible format eg large text
  • by downloading the form from the website.

When you claim by phone, textphone or BSL video Relay you will only need to give your name and address. You will then be sent a form to fill in and your AA will start from the day you made the call as long as you send the completed from back within the 6 week deadline.

If you download the form from the website your AA will start from the date the completed form reaches AA.

Gather your evidence

  • Ask your doctor, nurse, audiologist and carer, if you have one, for a report or letter that outlines the problems you have and the help you need. An audiology report should not be more than 2 years old.
  • Copies of these can be sent with your completed AA form or you can send them afterwards. link address

Complete the form

  • Give details of all your health conditions and how they affect you and interact with each other
  • You will be asked questions about difficulties and needs you have during the day and at night.
  • Tick YES if you have difficulty or need help, even if you do not have the help you need or you try to manage without it.
  • Tick as many of the statements that apply to you, not just one.
  • Use the open boxes to describe the difficulties you have and the help you need.

- Include things that you struggle to do without help
- Include things that take you a very long time to do without help
- Include things you need help to do safely
- Include help you need to communicate effectively and reliably
- understanding or hearing people, or being understood by them
- answering the phone or making phone calls
- understanding and responding to letters and post
- Include where you need to be reminded or encouraged to do things

It can help to keep a diary over a week to record the difficulties you have had in different situations and when this happened. You can then refer to this information when you are filling in the form, or if you have to attend an appointment

  • Ask someone who knows how your conditions affect you to complete the statement at the end of the form. This could be a professional, carer, friend or family member.

Send the form

  • Take a copy of the completed form for you to keep and send the completed form to the Attendance Allowance Unit in the envelope provided.
  • If you ordered your form by phone you will have 6 weeks to send it back. If you need more time contact the AA Unit.
  • Send copies of letters or reports with the form. If you are waiting for a letter, make a note of the AA Unit address on the envelope and send a copy of the letter later with your name and National Insurance number attached to the letter.

If you need further support, contact us at the Adviceline on or book an appointment with one of our Advisers HERE.

Date modified: September 22 2021 | Date created: March 05 2020

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