Fuel Poverty & Debt

Applying for Grants to Help with Fuel Debt

Do a Grant search to see what financial assistance you may be able to access.

Most of the Energy Suppliers offer a range of grants for customers who are vulnerable.

They can offer Utility Grants to clear a fuel debt, or a

Further Assistance Payment, eg to buy an essential household item or to help with another priority debt like Rent or Council Tax arrears.

You can usually apply by visiting your Fuel Supplier’s website and downloading an application form. contact one of the deafPLUS centres or the Advice Line for assistance.

There are other organisations that can provide grants, and a list of these is available on the Turn2Us website. www.turn2us.org.uk

Some of these applications need to be made with an Adviser or Professional, so please contact one of the deafPLUS Centres or Advice Line if you need more information or assistance.

If you are Deaf or wear a hearing aid it may be helpful to add your details to the Priority Services Register. This means that your Energy Supplier will know you are vulnerable and is required to do whatever they can to keep you with a fuel supply.

You do this by contacting your Energy Supplier. Their contact details will be on your utility bill or you can visit their website. You can contact them by textphone if you need to.

If you need any further information or assistance with any of these matters visit a deafPLUS Centre or book an appointment on our Adviceline.

Date modified: April 06 2020 | Date created: April 06 2020

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