Help to Pay your Winter Fuel Bills

Priority Services Register

  • You can sign up to a Priority Services Register (PRS) to receive free extra help from your energy or water supplier.
  • You are eligible to sign up if you are older, disabled, have a long- term illness, have additional communication needs, are in a vulnerable situation, pregnant or have a child under 5 living with you, need to use medical equipment that requires a power supply, have poor or no sense of smell or would struggle to answer the door or get help in an emergency, or for another reason, such as following a stay in hospital.
  • To register visit your energy supplier and/or water supplier’s websites and search for Priority Services Register.
  • If you have different suppliers for electricity and gas, you will need to register with each one.
  • If you have a carer they can register on your behalf.
  • You will then get extra help which can include:

- priority support in an emergency

- information that is accessible to you

-identification and password scheme for when your supplier needs to visit your home

- help with meter reading and access to your pre -payment meter

- notice of planned power cuts or water supply issues

For more information about whether you qualify and how to apply, please contact your local deafPLUS Centre or book an appointment on the Adviceline to talk to one of our BSL adviser.

The video here has been produced by National Energy Action, the fuel poverty charity. For more BSL videos on this topic please click here.

Date modified: November 23 2022 | Date created: November 03 2021

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