Help to Pay your Winter Fuel Bills

The Warm Home Discount Scheme

  • The Warm Home Discount Scheme is provided by Energy companies each winter to help their customers who are struggling to pay their energy bills or to top up their pre- payment meter.
  • If you qualify, then you can get up to £150 off your electric bill between October and March. If your gas and electricity is supplied by the same company, you may be able to get the discount off your gas bill instead.
  • If you are receiving the Guarantee Credit as part of your Pension Credit then you will automatically qualify, even if you have recently changed your energy supplier.
  • Otherwise, if your energy supplier is part of the scheme and your or your partner's name is on the bill, you are on a low income and get certain benefits or tax credits, and your property has a high energy cost score you will get a letter telling you what to do. If you do not get a letter, call the helpline on 0800 107 8002 or book an Adviceline appointment.
  • You need to call the Helpline before 28th February 2023.
  • Your Energy supplier’s website may also have details of the scheme.
  • Visit your Energy supplier’s website and search for “Warm Home Discount Scheme”. Or search for "Warm Home Discount Scheme" on the website.
  • If you have recently switched your Energy supplier, contact your new Energy company.

For advice or help to apply for the discount, please contact your local deafPLUS Centre or book an appointment on the Adviceline to talk to one of our BSL adviser.

For up- to -date videos in BSL on this topic please visit the NEA website

Date modified: December 08 2022 | Date created: October 26 2021

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