Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

How do I make a claim for PIP?

  • Do not delay
    You should not delay claiming as the earliest you can be paid from is the date you make the first contact.
  • Gather information you will need
    You will need to have ready your:
    • Name, full address and contact number
    • National Insurance number
    • Details of your Doctor or Healthcare professional
    • Bank details
    • Information about your nationality
  • Start your claim
    You can do this:
    • Mon – Fri 8am-6pm
    • by textphone on 0800 917 7777
    • by phone on 0800 917 2222
    • by NGT text relay on 18001 then 0800 917 2222
    • by Video relay using a video relay service Or
    • request a form in writing
  • Gather your evidence
    • Your claim form should arrive in around 2 weeks. While you are waiting you can ask your doctor, nurse, audiologist and carer, if you have one, for a report or letter that outlines the health problems or disabilities you have and the help you need.
    • If you are sending an Audiology report it must be no more than 2 years old.
  • Complete the form
    • When you get the form you will have around 4 weeks to complete and return it. There will be a deadline date on the front of the form. This is the date by which PIP must receive the form.
    • You can ask for extra time if you will not be able to return the form in time.
    • It will help to refer to the way you score points and to read the Assessment Criteria at the end of this article before you fill in the form.
    • You can then work out how many points you should score for each component.
    • Contact deafPLUS on the Advice line at or book an appointment with one of our BSL advisers if you would like more information or help with the form.
  • Send the form
    • Take a copy of your completed claim for you to keep.
    • Send the completed form to PIP in the envelope provided.
    • Send copies of any evidence you have with the form, but don’t delay sending the form if you haven’t received the evidence yet.
    • Take a note of the address on the envelope and then send copies of the evidence later with your name and National Insurance number attached to it.

The PIP assessment criteria and Scores

You can view and download the PIP assessment criteria and scores HERE.

Date modified: March 16 2022 | Date created: March 04 2020

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