Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Your appointment letter

  • You are likely to be asked to attend an appointment with a Health Care Professional in an Assessment Centre. They are employed by a Medical Services Company that the DWP contracts to whether you satisfy the disability conditions for PIP
  • You should contact them if you need a BSL interpreter, Lipspeaker, Speech and Text Reporter or Deafblind Hands On interpreter. It is their duty to arrange this and provide an interpreter for your appointment.
  • If you cannot use Public Transport and have no-one to drive you to the Assessment Centre you should contact Medical Services before your appointment on the contact details given on your appointment letter. They can arrange transport for you or arrange for an assessment to take place in your home. You may need to send them a medical letter to confirm that you need this.
  • If you cannot attend you should contact Medical Services as soon as possible on the contact details on the letter. Otherwise your claim will be refused.

Date modified: September 08 2021 | Date created: March 04 2020

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