Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

What will I get?

PIP is made up of 2 parts called components. There is a Daily Living Component and a Mobility Component. The components are broken down into 2 rates.

Daily Living Component

The Daily Living Component is paid to people who use aids or appliances or need help with daily living activities.

  • The Standard rate is £60.00 a week
  • The Enhanced rate is £89.60 a week.

Mobility Component

The Mobility Component is paid to people who have difficulties getting around outdoors due to physical or mental health conditions.

  • The Standard rate is £23.70
  • The Enhanced rate is £62.55

PIP is paid every 4 weeks. It is usually awarded for a fixed period of several years. You will be invited to claim again 6 months before your PIP ends.

Date modified: April 14 2021 | Date created: March 04 2020

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