Universal Credit

How do I make a claim for UC?

1. Do not delay

You should not delay in claiming as claims can only be backdated (paid for previous days or weeks) in a small number of circumstances (for example, if you are disabled), and by a maximum of one month.

2. Gather the information you will need
you will need to have ready for your assessment:

  • Your bank details
  • Information about the type of housing you have and your landlord’s details
  • An email address
  • Your national Insurance number
  • Information about your housing costs e.g. how much rent you pay
  • Information about your income e.g. benefits or payslips
  • Information about any savings or capital you have
  • Details of any childcare costs you may have
  • Proof of your identity e.g. passport, driving licence

Many people struggle to verify their identity on-line, which is why they have to attend the Jobcentre to get this sorted out. The DWP has detailed rules about what evidence they will accept for ID purposes, and the DWP has power to relax the ID requirements in reasonable cases, for example if the client has no ID and does not know where copies may be obtained. Contact deafPLUS for help with this if you are having issues with this

3. Start your claim
You can do this:

  • by claiming online at gov.uk/apply-universal-credit
  • by NGT text relay if you cannot use digital services and if you cannot hear or speak on the phone: Dial 19001 then 0800 328 5644,
  • by textphone on 0800 328 1344.

Please note: If you claim by telephone, then your claim will only be managed by phone not online.

4. Complete the online claim form or answer all the questions if claiming over the phone

  • Provide accurate and complete information on the form. You will be given a “TO DO” list. You must complete all of the actions on the list before you can continue with your claim. You must also agree to a Claimant Commitment. Confirm that all of the details you have submitted are correct and click to submit the claim.

5. A universal credit account will be created for you
If claiming online, you can use this online account to:

  • report changes in your circumstances
  • Apply for an Advance payment
  • Check you agree to accept a Claimant Commitment
  • Set up and maintain your Journal. You will need to set up a Username and Password and keep a note of these in a safe place.

If you claimed by phone, you can contact the DWP using the details above to do these actions.

6. Interview
First interview:

You will then be invited to book a first interview at your local Jobcentre plus which you must attend. You must take all of the documents the DWP asks you to bring, for example proof of identity, date of birth and address, and a Medical Certificate if you are too ill to work.

Other interviews:

If you are well enough to work you will be invited to later interviews with a Work Coach. It is important that you tell them about any support needs you have so that your Claimant Commitment reflects these needs (see the next section to find out what Claimant Commitment means). If you are not well enough to work, you may need to attend a second interview about your health and how it affects work. If you have a carer or appointee or interpreter, they can attend the interview with you. If you need the DWP to provide an interpreter contact them before the appointment to let them know. A BSL interpreter will have to be qualified to a minimum of level 6.

Date modified: September 22 2021 | Date created: June 04 2020

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