Universal Credit

Your Claimant Commitment

You will have to agree to do certain things in order for your UC claim to be accepted and paid. What you will be asked to do will depend on:

  • Your health situation and any disabilities you may have
  • Your responsibilities at home or as a carer
  • How much help you need to get ready for work or find work
  • How much support you need to increase your income

If your Claimant Commitment includes a Work-related requirement and you fail to meet that requirement you can be given a Sanction. Please see below

If the proposed claimant commitment requirements are unreasonable or you are not able to keep to the claimant commitment you must register your concern immediately – get advice from deafPLUS as soon as possible.


A Sanction means that your UC payments will be reduced for a period of time. This will either be until you meet the requirement and/or for a fixed period of time.

You can challenge a decision to give you a Sanction through the same process as challenging a refusal to award UC, including appealing to a Tribunal.

Date modified: September 22 2021 | Date created: June 04 2020

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