Universal Credit

What you will get

The amount of money you will get will depend on your circumstances.

Standard Allowance

Amount Per Month

Single and under 25 years old


Single and 25 years or older


Couple (both under 25 years old)

£403.93 (single payment for couple)

Couple (one partner is 25 years or older)

£509.91(single payment for couple)

Universal credit is made up of two components that are added together:
- a Standard Allowance, plus
- any extra amounts based on your situation, called elements

The standard allowance amount depends on whether you are claiming as a single person or as a couple, and whether you are under or over the age of 25.

The additional elements are based on the following factors: if you have children, if you have a disability or health condition, your ability to work, if you are a carer, and your housing situation.

Please see the next section to find out more about the elements

You can contact our Adviceline or contact one of our local centres for further help.

Date modified: October 26 2021 | Date created: March 05 2020

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