Universal Credit

Universal Credit Advance payment

  • When you first claim Universal Credit, you may have to wait up to 5 weeks for a decision to be made or to be paid.
  • If this happens and you are in Financial Need, you may be able to get a payment of UC paid earlier than your normal payment. This is called a Universal Credit Advance. It is an interest-free loan and is paid back by taking money off your future payments of UC.
  • Financial need means that if you don’t get this payment there is a serious risk to the health and safety of you, your partner or any children you or they are responsible for, for example if you have no money to buy food or put in your electric meter.
  • Think about how much you want to ask for - you can get up to 100% of the amount your normal monthly UC payment will be. Make sure you have stated the best way to contact you and have your bank or Post Office account details ready.
  • You can ask for an advance payment by:

- textphone 0800 328 1344

- telephone 0800 328 5644

- on your online account

- through your work coach

You should be contacted about your application by the next day. If you are offered an advance payment you will be told how much you will get and how much will be taken off your future UC payments to pay it back. You will need to tell them about any problems you will have with this. If you do not then accept the offer you will not be given an advance payment. If you are not offered an advance payment you can ask the DWP to reconsider their decision but you cannot appeal.

Date modified: September 22 2021 | Date created: June 04 2020

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