Universal Credit

Making an appeal

  • If you are not happy with the new decision you can appeal.
  • Your appeal must be received within one month of the date on the most recent decision letter. You will need to make your appeal using a form SSCS1. Send it to HM Courts and Tribunals Service.
  • If you can, it is advisable to say you will attend the Tribunal Hearing in person. If you need an interpreter request one on the form. If you choose not to attend they will make a decision by looking at all the appeal papers.
  • After you have made your appeal you should receive a confirmation letter within 14 days.
  • An Appeal Tribunal will deal with your appeal.
  • Hearings are informal and involve answering questions.
  • If you do not win your appeal at the Tribunal you will have one further chance to appeal. This will be considered if there has been an Error in Law.

Date modified: September 22 2021 | Date created: June 04 2020

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